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Welcome to TruckNCR, where we redefine excellence in the world of transportation and logistics. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to meet the diverse needs of shippers and carriers, providing innovative solutions that drive efficiency and success.

Experienced Labor for Seamless Shifting

At TruckNCR, we take pride in our experienced and professional labor force, specifically trained for in-house shifting-related works. Whether you are relocating your home or office, our skilled team ensures a smooth and efficient transition. With attention to detail and a commitment to quality service, our experienced labor is here to make your shifting experience hassle-free.



Fleet of Reliable Vehicles

Mahindra Champion

Capacity: 650KG
Size: (LXBXH) 6.3Ft x 4.7Ft x 4.5Ft

Our Mahindra Champion is a compact yet robust vehicle designed to handle a variety of cargo. With a generous payload capacity and compact dimensions, it’s ideal for navigating through urban spaces while ensuring your goods reach their destination securely.



Capacity: 950KG
Size: (LXBXH) 7Ft x 5Ft x 5.5Ft

The TATA ACE, known for its versatility, offers a higher payload capacity without compromising on maneuverability. It’s a perfect choice for businesses with varying transportation needs, providing a balance between space and load capacity.



Capacity: 1050KG
Size: (LXBXH) 8Ft x 5Ft x 5.5Ft

Our BOLERO PICK-UP is designed to handle heavier loads, making it an excellent choice for transporting larger goods or a higher quantity of items. With a spacious cargo area, it ensures that your belongings are transported securely and efficiently.



Capacity: 2500KG
Size (LXBXH): 11Ft x 6.5Ft x 6Ft 
The TATA-407 is a reliable vehicle with a substantial capacity of 2500 kilograms, making it suitable for various transportation needs. Its spacious cargo area, measuring 11 feet in length, 6.5 feet in width, and 6 feet in height, ensures that it can accommodate sizable loads while maintaining efficiency. Whether you’re handling commercial deliveries or large-scale relocations, the TATA-407 is equipped to meet your transportation requirements effectively.


Capacity: 3000 KG
Size: (LXBXH) 14Ft x 7Ft x 6Ft

For more substantial loads, the TATA-407 PRO is a reliable workhorse. Its expansive cargo space and impressive payload capacity make it suitable for a wide range of transportation needs, from commercial deliveries to large-scale relocations.



Capacity: 4000KG
Size: (LXBXH) 17Ft x 7Ft x 7Ft

When it comes to handling significant loads with efficiency, the TATA-709 is the go-to choice. With a substantial cargo area and high payload capacity, it is well-equipped to tackle the most demanding transportation requirements, making it a preferred option for businesses with substantial logistics needs.

Certainly! Here’s a table summarizing the information about the vehicles:

This table provides a clear overview of the capacity and size specifications for each vehicle in your fleet.

Vehicle Capacity Size (LXBXH)
Mahindra Champion 650KG 6.3Ft x 4.7Ft x 4.5Ft
TATA ACE 950KG 7Ft x 5Ft x 5.5Ft
BOLERO PICK-UP 1050KG 8Ft x 5Ft x 5.5Ft
TATA-407 2500 KG 11Ft x 6.5Ft x 6Ft
TATA-407 PRO 3000 KG 14Ft x 7Ft x 6Ft
TATA-709 4000KG 17Ft x 7Ft x 7Ft

Mahindra Champion


SIZE-(LXBXH): 6.3Ft x 4.7Ft x 4.5Ft



SIZE-(LXBXH): 7Ft x 5Ft x 5.5Ft

bulero pikup



SIZE-(LXBXH): 8Ft x 5Ft x 5.5Ft



SIZE-(LXBXH): 11Ft x 6.5Ft x 6Ft



SIZE-(LXBXH): 14Ft x 7Ft x 6Ft



SIZE-(LXBXH): 17Ft x 7Ft x 7Ft

Why Choose TruckNCR?

  • Professionalism: Our experienced labor ensures that your goods are handled with the utmost care and professionalism during the entire shifting process.

  • Versatile Fleet: With a diverse fleet of vehicles, we can accommodate various loads and sizes, providing flexibility to meet your specific transportation needs.

  • Reliability: From compact options to heavy-duty vehicles, our fleet is well-maintained and regularly inspected, ensuring the reliability and safety of your cargo during transit.

  • Efficiency: We understand the value of time. Our services are designed for efficiency, ensuring that your belongings reach their destination promptly and intact.

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